I’ve been thinking for last few months about my life - that I’ve been quite stressed with the completions of the customer orders. I’ve been always so busy working on those customer orders and had no time for myself & my family. I’ve been thinking about stop taking customer orders for a while and now and I have made my final decision -

I will no longer take customer orders for my future “Full Body” editions (Apart from the only one baby which has be promised and the mummy has already made full payment). Each full body baby will be put on eBay for auction once they’ve been completed. This will give me more time to experiment and improve my art.

But I will be taking customer orders in my future “cloth body” silicone editions, since cloth bodies are much easier to make and I don’t need to add those features such as: soft belly, spine bone, drink & wet system, armatures, but they will still have fully sculpted mouth. I will be doing about 10-15 editions for each sculpt for those who loves my work and to have more opportunities to owning one of my babies.

I want to say thank you to everyone here on my website & Facebook  for loving & supporting me & my art. I will be carrying on with what I’m doing now and will continue creating more beautiful & lifelike babies in the future!

An Huang