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Custom Order For Anna Artist Proof 

(last one in the edition)


About Anna

Full Body Silicone Baby Anna comes only one limited edition worldwide
plus an Artist Proof  (was for myself to keep, but now I’m offering her for custom order due to I need more space in my studio).


Details about Anna
Length ~ 20″ / 51 CM (from head to heel)
Foot Length ~ 8 CM
Head circumference ~ 34.5 CM
Clothing Size ~ Newborn


Full Body Silicone baby’s features

♥Drink & wet system
♥Soft & durable armatures in baby’s limbs for easy posing
♥ One-piece silicone but the head can be turned side to side
♥Fully sculpted mouth – Gums & tongue and uvula. Can taking dummy & milk bottle
♥Different hardness silicones(platinum silicone) used on baby’s different body parts for realism
♥The very soft inner core around the belly, thighs, bum areas, so soft and feels like a real baby
♥Hyperreal skin texture with wrinkles appeared in some areas with movements
♥Spine bone in baby’s back for realism
♥Rib cage in baby’ chest for realism


Custom Order Options

For custom order, you can decide the baby’s gender, hair colour and skin colour, etc.


Custom Order Price

The price for customer order is £6000 GBP (British pounds) 

Plus shipping fee of £69 internationally and £25 within UK with insured & track-able. 

A dark skin coloured  baby takes me twice as long to paint, Therefor there will be an additional charge of £500 on a dark skin coloured baby. 


Layaway Payments Option

I accepting 4 months layaway payments for the customer order baby.

£1500 pounds for the monthly payment and the deposit of £1500 is required to hold your spot in place.


Completion Time Frame

It usually takes me about 2-3 months to make your baby doll, but it really depends on how busy I am. Or, you can contact me before ordering. When your baby is ready I will send you photos of the baby. The baby will be only sent out to you once all payments are cleared in my account.

It normally takes me about 2 -3 months to complete the custom ordered, or sometimes it can take slightly longer.

For custom order you can decide the baby’s gender and hair colour, and skin colour.


Coming Home with Baby

3 Sets of Cute Baby Outfits of My Choice (The clothing may vary)

Baby Bottle, Baby Pacis, Nappies, Blanket, Birth Certificate & Care Instruction.


Please click the following link to find out more about baby Anna


For further adoption details please contact me




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