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New Full Body Edition Is Coming!

I'm currently working on a new full body baby who is a smiling sleeper- Isaac. Baby Isaac is about 55cm / 22" in length and weights about 4.8KG / 10.5lbs. wearing 3-6 months clothing. This sculpture will be also available in vinyl kits as well as in very small edition of full body silicone - only 3 limited edition worldwide plus an artist - proof. 

The #1 of this edition will be available very soon in probably this Sunday evening.

I don't have any partial silicone babies for customer orders at the moment, they all sold out. 

About my Full Body Silicone Editions:

I'm no longer taking customer order on my full body silicone editions. Full body ones will be only available on eBay auctions. The starting price on the eBay auction is £7000 British pounds for each baby.

I'm currently working on a new edition - Baby Isaac who is full body silicone sleeping Baby. 3~6 month in size She / he will be selling  on eBay auctions once each baby is completed.  I do accepting 5 months layaway for the eBay babies. I don't do waiting list so please keep eyes on my Facebook or my website for the future available babies!

Full Body Silicone Baby's Features

♥Drink & wet system

♥Soft armatures in baby’s limbs for easy posing

♥ Very soft neck and the head can be turning naturally

♥Fully sculpted mouth - Gums & tongue and uvula. Can taking dummy & milk bottle

♥Different hardness silicones(platinum silicone) used on baby’s different body parts for realism

♥Very soft inner core around the belly, thighs, bum areas, so soft and feels like a real baby

♥Hyper real skin texture with wrinkles appeared in some areas with movements

♥Spine bone in baby's back for realism

♥Soft spot on top of baby's head for realism

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